❝ I didn’t cry after learning Skip Muck was dead. That would come later. Much later. Not that it didn’t hurt. Hell, I’d never felt pain so deep. He was like my brother. No, closer than my brother. But by January 9, when he’d died in a shelling about one hundred yards east of where I was, I was too mentally numb to really react. Too tired. I didn’t sleep a wink for two nights after Roe broke the news to me. And after seeing Toye and Guarnere carted off, and Compton leaving, it was like dumping ice on a guy who was already frozen stiff.

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Do you understand that this is the best part of war I’ve seen? I got hot chow, hot showers, warm bed. Germany is almost as good as being home. So quit asking about when you’re gonna see some real action, will you? And stop with the fucking love songs…! It’s been two years since I’ve seen home. Two years. This fuckin’ war.

MARKED MAN the southern gothic boyd crowder fanmix you’ve been waiting for

"On September 22, 2004, a groundbreaking new series premiered on ABC. It would become a world-wide phenomenon and an incredible experience for all of us involved. If you find yourself yearning to get lost all over again, you’re not alone. The Lost fanbase is alive and kicking. So here’s to the next ten years of Lost."

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Art history meme (x) - 6/8 artists - Vincent van Gogh


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Love, love, love… what is it good for? Absolutely  nothing.

Happy 10th Anniversary

"I’ll see you in another life, brother"


Body comparative #52 (1,2)

Problems are problems. We all make bad choices, it’s just some of us got different bad choices to make.

Black Widow #10

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You got Not Another Teen Movie when you were fresh out of high school. How was that feeling of knowing you’d made it - you got into a Hollywood movie?

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